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HGCR Technology About Us

About Us

We’re a group of innovators and engineers redefining the way you test concrete. 


HGCR Technologies Inc. is a collaboration of talent committed to excellence in every sensor we make, utilizing parts made in the United States and ensuring that the accuracy of the data collected is second to none. With the combined talents in our group, we provide excellence to all of our customers throughout the sales process and follow through with our after-sale support. HGCR values every one of our customers and welcomes feedback on all our products to help us better meet your needs. We are never too busy to talk to you! We know you're looking for more from every sensor purchased and we strive to understand your unique challenges so that we can be the solution you need. This is how we recognized the market opportunity and immense need for a miniature wireless concrete testing solution that results in savings for the customer. 


Andy and Malcolm collaborated and invested their talents to form HGCR Technology, and despite their differing backgrounds, the synergy between them allowed us to build a user-focused and technology-driven company. Their military background gives us the drive to keep going, practice resilience, and hold our belief that any obstacle can be overcome.


HGCR is a small United States-based technology company providing innovative solutions to the construction industry. Today we're focused on providing accurate, automated solutions to everyday tasks and keeping everyone informed of the results.


As a small business that is veteran and Asian-owned, our goal is to give back in a manner that makes a positive impact on future generations. That's why a portion of every sensor sold goes to support our local community, church, and veteran organizations.


  • Accuracy in all measurements – Being spot on is critical

  • Made in the USA –  Providing local opportunities for innovation and manufacturing

  • Community – We engage with our community and make an effort to know their story  

  • Field-tested ruggedness – Manufactured to ensure reliability and durability in the field

  • Small, powerful and wireless cloud-based solutions

We thank you for your purchase and your support.


Lim b.jpg

Malcolm Lim




Application Genius


Andrew Haapapuro

Chief Engineer/Co-Founder


James Bittner, Ph.D

Hardware/Firmware Specialist

Viorel Drambarean.png


Senior Mechanical Engineer

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