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Concrete Mix Setup

Step 1: Create an account or login with your email.


Step 2: Select your project from the main menu.


Step 3: Select the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen to access your project settings.


Step 4: Select “Concrete Mix Setup” to navigate to your concrete mixes menu.


Step 5: Select a concrete mix or click the “+” icon to enter a new concrete mix.


Step 6: Name your mix, select your sensor, input the date the lab cylinder was made, and add the age of the concrete and the compressive strength. Select the maturity function: Nurse Saul (Temperature-Time Factor) or Arrhenius (Equivalent Age). The Strength Maturity Relationship will be automatically calculated and can then be used to estimate the strength of the concrete on site. When finished click “Add New Mix” to add your mix to the project.


Step 7: Select “Save Changes” to save your project.

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