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HGCR Technology adding concrete sensors to a project

Add Sensors To Project

Step 1: Create an account or login with your email.


Step 2: Select your project from the main menu.


Step 3: Select a group or click the "+" icon to create a new group.


Step 4: Enter a name and description for your group and click "save group"

Step 5: In the groups menu, select a group to see your sensor list.

Step 6: Click the "+" icon to add a sensor to the group and select the sensor you would like to add.  Match the name listed to the sensor name.


Step 7: Enter a sensor name, description, casting date and time then click "save sensor"


Step 8: Once the sensor is installed, from your sensor list, select a sensor to access your data.


Step 9: When within range of the sensor, click "update sensor" to synchronize your data

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